Thanks for inviting me to contribute to this group! I loved the idea of being given an “assignment” to help organize myself and spend a little time writing.

I was given the following prompts:

  • Erika-When the lizards run.
  • Jen-Shooting fish in a barrel
  • Cameron-A just-washed sock met a just-washed pair of underwear behind the dryer. What happened?
  • Wendy-What I’d take with me to the moon
  • Amy-Quest for the perfect….cheeseburger, mate, pair of shoes…you pick!

I was tempted by Wendy’s idea and considered how I could write about what I would take to the moon. But the phrase “When the lizards run” kept sticking in my head. The past few years, as my time constraints haven’t allowed for long stretches of writing time, I have put my creative energy towards songwriting, which by definition involves tighter, more concise writing. “When the lizards run” developed into the lyrics of a song, which I will take into the piano studio shortly and put some music to.

Saguaros at sunset

Saguaros at sunset

When the lizards run, it reminds him
Of the path he turned from long before
Saguaros black upon crimson sky
Mishearing truth in the natives’ lore
When the lizards run, his thoughts will wander
Smells of cooking, warm night breeze
The day’s work done, her soft sundresses
Languishing in the summer’s ease
One decision that seemed so small
The road not taken fades behind
How many times he wonders still
How many times? How many times?
When the lizards run, he turns away
Her long black hair too close to mind
Lies silent in his marriage bed
Dreams of flutes, yarrow, wine
One decision that seemed so small
The road not taken fades behind
How many times he wonders still
How many times? How many times?

Thanks for that opportunity! That was a lot of fun. I may have to try to squeeze some writing time in more often these days. It feels rusty, in some ways, but also like what I’ve always been meant to do.


Carla Betz is a private piano instructor in San Jose, California, who also loves to write songs, poems and stories. Not exactly writing regularly, she does occasionally blog on her website:

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  1. YAY!!! Love reading the creativity and the mental images you conjured were great.

  2. I love it! When you get the music added, please come back and share the audio with us.

  3. Yes, this is what you were born to do.

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