Aleigha Siron

My five music prompts:

1.) Heavy Metal/Hard Rock- The Sounds of Silence covered by Disturbed:

2.) Pop/Hip-Hop-  Should’ve Been Us by Tori Kelly:

3.) Country/Singer-Song Writer- I Told You So By Keith Urban:

4.) Instrumental/Soundtrack- The Last of the Wilds by Nightwish:

5.) Wild Card- The Wheels on The Bus, children’s nursery rhyme:

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It is an honor to be included with this group of writers for the BBB Gals current Blog.

When I received my prompts, I knew immediately that I would pick either The Sounds of Silence or The Last of the Wilds. The Sounds of Silence because it resonated with my background as a professional trainer who has delivered thousands of training programs addressing issues with communication; or The Last of the Wilds, because I listened to a lot of Celtic music while writing my book, Finding My Highlander. Still, I considered each song suggested and allowed the other tunes to resonate for the muse, just in case. But no, it had to be one of those first two that struck an immediate cord. I was a bit skeptical about The Sounds of Silence by Disturbed. I don’t listen to a lot of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, but Disturbed’s rendition of this old favorite rocked my boat and vibrated my soul. However, unlike many of your previous bloggers, it wasn’t a story that emerged, but a poem.  I am prefacing my poem with an op-ed piece about the unnamed character in every story, “Communication.”

This Communication-character (“C” capitalized here because of her person status,) is present in every romance novel and all other genres as well.  (I’ll refer to the “C” in the female voice for simplicity.) She is not a real character with arms, legs, and body, but rather she is the shadowed-self in both the hero and heroine.  None-the-less she becomes a living breathing entity expressed through dialogue (or lack thereof,) within and between the primary players of the story. Yet, Communication is often far more significant during silent interactions. She is the embodiment of tension, the struggle between two or more characters, or the personal struggle within each character. She thrives under the significance of a simple touch, a passionate kiss, or a wayward glance. Communication lives within our characters and on the page, not just through dialogue but also through the main characters’ thoughts, actions, every subtle nuance, and every sigh.  It is during these potent silent moments that the hero or heroine finally grasps the purpose of their mythic journey. In silence, physical contact blooms, some elemental truth is accepted, and a wounded heart opens.

The Sounds of Silence made me imagine this “Communication” element, abiding silently within every hero or heroine, might step out of the shadows to recite these words to the beloved.

Without Words 

We hunger for words,

 yet speak without thought

  and tuck our secrets deep

           behind folds of expression.

Our speech only mimics,

 is delivered in clichéd refrains.

 Hidden in defensive darkness

           lurks a daunting truth we fear.

Words uttered from your lips

 do not dispel my urgent yearning.

 That smile, so easy on your face,

           makes me question everything.

Look at me.  Hear me.  Touch me.

Forget the outside world, worries

piled high upon the table,

           and knockings at the door.

Why should we care that we are ruined

 ships crashing against pointless shoals

 of wasted vocabulary.  Please!

           Let silence envelop us.

Curl into my empty arms, spark

a torrent of desire, surrender

with your kiss.  Lie down with me

in a field of wild daisies

and green summer grass,

without words, to rise at last

in the silent flame of bliss.

 Aleigha Siron

© March, 2016

Aleigha Siron is a nom de plum. Her alter ego has published poetry in numerous anthologies and university publications. She’s been the featured poet at a number of art festivals and other venues.  Her first fiction novel, Finding My Highlander, a time-travel romance is available on pre-sale with a release date of May 4, 2016, published by Tirgearr Publishing. Aleigha is working on two additional novels. A prequel to Finding My Highlander and another time-travel novel set in the Regency period.


You can find Aleigha’s  book and poetry at:

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  1. Loved your blog and can’t wait to see what follows.

  2. If the poem is any indication of what is to come in the book, my soul will be fed by your words.

  3. Loved the poem, waiting for more

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