All About The Writers’ Group

Once upon a time there were five writers.  Each of these individuals were strong storytellers with a lot to say, but they needed help, too.  So, despite not knowing each other very well, they formed a critique group.  Meeting once a week they submitted their beloved chapters to one another and then sat down and watched the red ink and the critiques flow.

Was it easy? No.

Did it sometimes hurt? You betcha’.

Were there tears, tantrums, recriminations, depressions and giggle fits? Sure.

Is the writing that much better?  You better believe it!

Along the way, a funny thing happened, we became fast, fabulous friends, although we and our writing are so very different.  Our group is made up of:

  • An “Up” literature, or “Chick Lit” writer
  • A Young Adult author
  • A Middle Grade writer
  • An adult Fantasy storyteller
  • A Children’s author

We discovered our deep affinity for and devotion to, bacon… and the occasional brewsky.  Hence the name BBB for The Beer and Bacon Babes.  Yes, we’re calling ourselves babes.  It was a judgement call and we’re okay with that.

This site is all about a fun game we want to play, and we’d like to share it with you.  Each week one of the Babes and/or a guest writer will be given a writing topic aka a “challenge” by the  other members of our group.  The author of the week picks whichever topic calls to them and writes anything they want to on that topic.  It might be a few pithy sentences, an essay, poetry, a short story, even a dirty limerick.  Ergo… Challenge… Accepted!

From left to right: Amy, Jen, Cam, Wendy & Erika

From left to right: Amy, Jen, Cam, Wendy & Erika

Should be fun, eh???

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