Let’s Talk About Amy…

Amy is a lover of literature who has been an English teacher, a columnist for Contra Costa Times, a tutor and a freelance writer. Willing to pack up and go at the mere mention of an airline sale or the realization she has a full tank of gas, she has lived in Spain, Germany, England, and ten different states. Much of this is attributable to her childhood as an Army brat and thirteen years as a military spouse. When she and her high school sweetheart/husband of 25 years finally settled in Northern California, they fell in love with the many outdoor opportunities, and have racked up many adventures with their three children and Golden Retriever.

Amy- Capturing the sunny side of life

Amy- Capturing the sunny side of life

Amy continues to freelance and tutor, but spends most of her writing life these days working on her new middle grade novel The Renaming of Hubert Humphrey Lee and finding a home for her completed novel, Tunnels & Traitors, a middle grade history/ mystery that takes place at West Point, and uncovers a treasure from the times of Benedict Arnold.  Now that she’s staring at a looming empty nest, she’s making plans to become a forest ranger, a ski patrol member, a detective, and possibly an Emergency Medical Technician. Or, maybe she’ll just write about them.

Email her at ajmoellering@gmail.com


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