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Nonsense Fun

My prompts were:

Amy:  The drought set up delusions of grandeur in male species.

Cameron: Clear the pool!

Erika: Why doesn’t anything rhyme with orange?

Jen:  She hit him with a frying pan.

Manda: One, two, three Tarot cards stared up at her from the table.

Wendy: Hiccups won me the lottery.

I came up with a couple of double dactyls. Definition: “This form is composed of two quatrains, of which the last line of the first rhymes with the last line of the second. All the lines except the rhyming ones, which are truncated, are composed of two dactylic feet. The first line of the poem must be a double dactylic nonsense word, like “Higgledy piggledy” or “Pocketa-pocketa” (this last, of course, borrowed from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”) The second line must be a double dactylic name. And then, somewhere in the poem, though preferably in the second stanza, and ideally in the antepenultimate line, there must be at least one double dactylic line which is one word long.”

Here’s my first double dactyl. The “Clear the Pool” made me think of summertime, pools in every third back yard, a mom yelling, “Out of the pool, now!” to her waterlogged kids.


Wendy and Cameron

Lottery winners who

Put in a pool,


Finally said to their

Entire neighborhood,


“No friends” is the rule.


And since I enjoy working with tarot myself (in some corners I’m known as “Madame Liz”), naturally I was inspired to do something with the tarot prompt.

Higgledy piggledy

Manda reads tarot cards

Hoping to learn what

The Fates have in mind.


One, two, three, four cards she

Spreads on the table.


The Death card she finds.


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