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When Paisley was cool

I had the following prompts to choose from:

  • Erika-  When paisley was cool
  • Amy- A pink plastic flamingo in a Koi pond
  • Wendy- What happens at Band Camp, stays at Band Camp
  • Cameron-  My massage therapist, Fabio, is not a product of my imagination, really.

I really liked them all, however not being as clever as Wendy, I chose one, Erika’s.  Being in a bit of a melancholy mood over summers of my own youth, I concocted this.  Please be of a mind that I have never belonged to a country club or known a boy named James Dean.  Enjoy:

When Paisley was cool,
And I a young fool,
Fell in love with James Dean
By the country club pool.

He was smooth as can be,
When he whispered to me,
I was the prettiest thing
That he’d ever see.

Out under the trees
Floated bands’ melodies
And the scent of Jasmine
Blew by on the breeze

It was not rehearsed
And I deeply immersed
In a kiss that made
My pitter patter heart burst.

I will tell you this,
That first kiss was bliss
A sweet summer something
I always will miss

I was so innocent
And just what that kiss meant
Was a lesson in life
And how true love went

Summer ended, so cruel
James Dean left for school
Never saw him again,
That’s first love’s rule.

But I remember it now,
And a smile I’ll allow
Thinking back to the days
When Paisley was cool.


Jen had the following prompts to choose from:

Cameron- Create a character based upon your former coworkers/boss
Erika- “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
Wendy- The Northern Lights and alien abductions
Amy- Introducing Specialty’s…what’s the vibe, what’s your favorite menu item, the great staff

I chose “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  My family used to say “If wishes were fishes, we’d all have a fry.”  An internet search found the full text of the horses version, which goes on to talk about turnips as swords, but not of my family version.  This got me to thinking about wishes in general.

After trying to write a long short story (long for me, a picture book writer) about a couple of tramps/hobos/beggars, I realized I should stick to what I do, short and sweet. So without further ado:

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

If wishes were eggs, well I’d take mine fried.

If wishes were caramels, we’d all have a chew,

But everyone knows, not all wishes come true.

A wish is the same, by coin or by star,

Desire not just what you call a streetcar.

A wish is a prayer, whispered above

A hope for your life or for someone you love.

Do you wish life be easy? Do you wish to be strong?

I’m not going to judge, perhaps neither is wrong.

So make all you wishes, and have all that hope

Just know that sometimes the answer is “nope.”

Go ask the beggars, the poor walking souls,

With or without wishes, you must strive for your goals.

So when a star shoots across the night sky,

We all make a wish, I would never deny.

Wish your wishes with all of your heart,

Then work hard and finish what you start.

Have you met Jen?

Have you met Jen?

Jennifer Fosberry is a science geek turned children’ book writer. Jennifer is the author of the New York Times Bestselling books “My Name is Not Isabella,” “Isabella Girl on the Go,” “My Name is Not Alexander.” Her newest book “Isabella Star of the Story” is out now.  After working in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley and running away to Costa Rica for a few years, she returned to the San Francisco Bay area to read, write, and try to get out of housework. She lives with her husband and three children and her little dog, too.