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Hard Candy Truth

It’s good to be back on the Writer’s group challenge! This time I had the following prompts:

  • Wendy: What really happens when you fall down the rabbit hole?
  • Erika: On the cover of National Geographic
  • Cameron: The dog told me to do it
  • Jen: Hard Candy Christmas

After a lot of waffling, I took poetic license with Jen’s.  

Ribbon candy, ribbon candy

How I remember you

Waves of color, sugar confection

Even a shade of atomic blue

Sine curves of bright pink

Seafoam green, popped up yellow,

Eyeful of electric orange

Like a perfectly packaged present

A plaid Christmas ribbon on white,

As a kid I’d wonder

What tiny paintbrush stroked so tight

Calling from Grandma’s china dish

Or the bottom of my Christmas stocking

You’d wait, so pretty, so alluring

For me to pop you into my mouth

Only to have your edges cut my cheeks

Your enormity battling with my teeth

Wait, how’d you get so sticky?

A lint ball from my stocking’s bottom

Stuck on your corner, fur on my tongue

Plastered blotches on the candy dish

From around the corner I spotted

The cat licking its whiskers

Tinged with atomic blue

My brother laughed from the sofa

His lips blaring electric orange

Ribbon candy, ribbon candy

I remember what I learned from you

So pretty on the outside

A mere veneer to your recycled inside